Welcome!  My name is John Kinnaird.  I created Mindful Transitions Counseling and Therapy of Fort Collins to empower clients to heal from past wounds, solve current problems, and transform into the person they want to be.   

People seek therapy and counseling for many reasons, from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma, to desiring personal growth and greater self awareness.  Together we will focus on strengths and self acceptance, while building new skills and finding solutions to create success in your life and relationships.

I see life's challenges, problems and circumstances as opportunities to grow.  By choosing to face adversity you can build resilience, emotional strength, confidence, and self worth.

I would be honored to guide your transition.  I offer a no obligation and free consultation either in person or by phone to help you make an informed choice.

Please visit Mindful Transitions Wesite at:


My Body. My Mind. My Soul.

This is a forum to inform and discuss the benefits of the mind-body-spirit connection.  More and more scientific investigation has shown the power of belief and connection. The placebo effect, positive psychology and the return of ancient medicines are real phenomena and science is taking a fresh look at what is working and why.

The bottom line is that our beliefs play a role in our overall emotional state, but also contributes to the choices we make, the people we chose to be spend time with, and our overall happiness in life.  Feel free to share and comment throughout the blog.

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